Our Available English Springer Spaniel Puppies
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We have been breeding CKC REG. English Springer Spaniels for 40 years. We've had folks return to buy a companion for their first puppy purchased. We have many email references to share with anyone interested in a puppy. The puppy will house train readily using a crate. Puppies don't like to mess where they eat and sleep.

Quincy and Pride of Scotty had their puppies on Nov.12.  They will be ready to join their families the third weekend of Jan.2018 after their spays and neuters at 9.5 weeks. Two boys are available.
Your puppy goes home with 6 weeks of Pets+Us Pet Insurance, a two year hereditary health guarantee, Chicken and Rice puppy food, a DVD on training your puppy, a puppy pillow, a toy, instructions on house training and puppy care and a life time of friendship and support. 

For more photos of the puppy of your preference by ribbon colour, and email references from previous owners, email: doublelspaniels@gmail.com.   Please visit  my Facebook page link for Double L Spaniels to see videos of our Spaniels, photos and comments posted by families who have our puppies and adults. Our Springers have been featured on Pick A Puppy with the Mazza Family. Please include your phone number. Mine will be in my reply.