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This family made the trip from Israel for one of our puppies Sept. 2010 and came back for a companion in Nov. 2016 to pick up Chelsea, one of Polly & Piper's puppies. 

    Hi Lynn,

    We finally made it home on December 16th and Dover is settling in beautifully.    We had a wonderful three months with my mother and family. We rarely stopped. I'm so glad I was able to spend that time with her.   Dover loved being in Winnipeg with his friends both human and canine and was CRAZY about snow. Winnipeg had a huge snowfall (about two feet) in late November, just in time for Meir's arrival.

 I have to wonder what Dover thought when we went from snow to Palm trees, but he has taken to Tel Aviv with gusto. He loves to walk here, there is so much to explore. If he could be outside most of the day, he'd be happy, but he likes his couch and bed comforts as well.

    The two of us are so connected. I can barely move without looking down to see that he is right there beside me. Everyone here has taken to him. He is so sweet with children, people and dogs. 

    So much of who he is we owe to you. Besides the genetics, what you taught him when he was very young can be seen in his personality. He is very intelligent and we are trying to challenge him everyday with new learning and he soaks it up. He is sweet and loving and funny and the center of our lives.

    Walking with him everyday has improved my walking and people have noticed. In the four short months he has been with me he has helped to give me back a level of life I had lost. He makes us laugh, smile and feel good inside. What else could you ever ask of your best friend. We had one experience in Winnipeg in the snow, where I fell while walking him.Dover laid beside me the whole time until I could manage to get up. That made me cry.

    Dover is life and energy (...and what energy) . He plays endlessly and loves to have me join in on pulling the toys or squeaking one end, while he squeaks the other. Yesterday, he saw that there is a mirror in the upper half of our elevator. Now, every time we get in he jumps up to look at us. He's hysterical. Mostly, he is very loved. 

 Happy New Year,  Leah, Meir & Dover


I can't believe we finally connected on Facebook Dec.21, 2014. I want to tell you that Dover is the love of our lives. He has learned to help me walk cane free, so because of him, I can walk! He's even allowed in the malls with me. He is the smartest dog we have ever had. He loves to play music and he does it whenever he feels happy. He loves it when we sing! He is a blessing and we can't say enough to thank you. We were thinking of talking to you about adopting another Spaniel from you. 

Leah Diamond-Ghelfenstein

 Hi Lynn, Every time I try to post it, something goes awry. You can add that it is 8 yr. old Dover with his two year old niece, Chelsea. She has been the greatest addition to our family and she has brought the puppy out in Dover. It's wonderful to watch them playing together.